Thursday, June 24, 2010

Three months pass in a flash

It seems my blog sort of fell off the radar there for a while... its been 3 months since I last updated this page! So, whats been happening? Too much & not enough.

Portrait of a Changeling On the artwork front I've been very productive with a few commissions and lots of new personal projects so you'll hopefully see a few new things in my gallery soon. As for the sewing side of things it would be great to have an extra pair of hands to do the tasks i hate, like sewing buttonholes and attaching zippers! In true 'avoider' fashion I've been leaving these things to last... pretty soon I'll have to face a mountain of fiddly needlework... oh help.

I had one of my latest artworks printed today. It looks pretty good on paper so I'm thinking of trying it on canvas as soon as I can raise the cash.
The work is 'The Nymphs'.
The Nymphs by Ginger Kelly

A digital mixed media piece I created as a challenge to re-create a master painting using a different medium. The artwork I re-created is JW Waterhouse's 'Hylas & the nymphs'
Hylas & the Nymphs by JW Waterhouse

Most of the photo references I used to create this image were taken by me. If you are a member of deviantArt, you can see a video of the process here: (mature warning: there are nipples! Beware!)

I'd love to get your feedback about these WIP videos/tutorials... do you find them helpful, informative or are they a complete waste of time? Its a strange thing to have to put my art process into words and I find it doesn't work very well for me so thats why I've been making video and picture tutorials instead, but I dont know... what do you think?