Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Market Stall Setup 2014

With my last market for the year now behind me I'm reflecting on all the work I put into my stall setup over the past year and looking at where I can improve for next year.

First of all I'd like to make it faster & easier to set up because lets face it, at 6 in the morning I'm not at my most creative or energetic self!
Energy Required: 10
Energy Available: 2

But here are a few reminders of how awesome it looked when it was all set out and ready to go...

Next time, I'd like to have some kind of fold out jewelry display so i can transport all those delicate pieces all ready to just fold out and show. None of this taking out each piece from a box, off a card, hanging it on a board, putting it back... its just too time consuming!

More flat-pack displays! My plywood displays are so easy to set up and dismantle...if only I had more of them for other print sizes.

Thus far I have been using heavy wooden boxes for putting height in my display but the struggle to carry all these up and down stairs is a bit much at the end of the day so maybe try to find a lightweight option...or make something that carries itself up stairs ;)

Clothing Racks... I need them. Yep. I'm going to have to do something about this very soon.

to be continued...