Saturday, June 4, 2016

The Ginger Kelly Studio, Finished

A recycled 1950's garage shed turned into my art studio workspace and cottage home with space for my handmade business Thistle and Fox, a sewing and craft room, computer workspace, kitchen, bedroom and ensuite.

digital artist workspace and sewing room

And there's space for a couch and my growing collection of houseplants...

pink cyclamen
my first DIY terrarium

At long last, my studio home is complete... almost.

panoramic view of Ginger Kelly Studio workspace and cottage

There will always be something to do or change in any home. I'm still working out whether to hang blinds or curtains and which furniture I'll be keeping and which pieces don't work here. As almost all my furniture is recycled (Gumtree), gifted or picked up from charity shops - I had to collect whatever I could get my hands on while I was moving from rental to rental. Considering the space limitations its amazing all these free bits and pieces fit into the space as well as they do! I have plans to paint the timber sideboard, my bedroom chest of drawers and possibly the kitchen hutch. I guess we shall see...

houseplants, my indoor plant gang

The furniture placement in my workspace is always changing according to my mood and the projects I'm concentrating on at the time. If I'm cutting out fabrics then I'll have a trestle table in the center of the space and my sewing table pushed against the back of the couch. I know the panorama image makes the space look huge...but theres just enough room to walk between each desk.

digital artist workspace
craft room storage, indoor hanging garden

In the near future I'm hoping to  swap the sewing desk and trestle table for a custom built cutting table with storage underneath for all my boxes of fabric and the sewing machine built into the table top so I'll be able to handle larger quilting projects without breaking down into a sobbing mess 😣

Take a look around...

living room, reading nook, my ikea book shelf

dining room and sewing table

sewing room, craft studio workspace

recycled furniture, succulent collection
cottage style kitchen